Liam Cohen, a student at Seneca College in Peterborough, Ontario, earned that title in 2017.

Liam Cohen, the 2017 Webster Memorial Trophy winner.

The Webster Memorial Trophy recognizes Canada’s accomplished amateur pilots. He also won the NavCanada Trophy for excellence in pilot/controller communication.

Runner-up was Owen Titerle, currently flying at Coastal Pacific Aviation, Abbotsford, B.C. He received the Eunice Carter cup.

Owen Titerle, runner-up for 2017











* identifies individuals who received jobs with Trans Canada Airlines or Air Canada.

2016 (September 20–24, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Mark Crha (Seneca College)
  • Runner-up: Michael Bryson (Harv’s Air)

2015 (Aug. 18–22, in Delta, B.C.)

  • Winner: Zhaoyang David Shi (Moncton Flight College)
  • Runner-up: Jack Bradshaw (Brampton Flight Centre)

2014 (Aug. 18–23, in Kitchener, Ont.)

  • Winner: Sebastien Leduc (Seneca College)
  • Runner-up: Andrew Bryson ( Harv’s Air)

2013 (August 19–24, in Winnipeg, Man.)

  • Winner: Takashi Hirose (Algonquin College/ Ottawa Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Stuart Loney (Brampton Flight Centre)

2012 (August 15–18, in Ottawa, Ont.)

  • Winner: Andrew Woods (Confederation College)
  • Runner-up: Andrew Burns (Coastal Pacific)

2011 (August 17–20, in Saint-Frédéric, Beauce, Que.)

  • Winner: Kevin Aalders (Centennial Flight Centre)
  • Runner-up: Justin Mailman (Moncton Flight College)

2010 (August 18–21, in Calgary, Alberta)

  • Winner: James Pouget (Centennial College/Durham Flight Centre)
  • Runner-up: Cameron MacLean (Coastal Pacific Aviation)

2009 (August 19–22, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Cory Raby (Algonquin College)
  • Runner-up: Kevin Dhaliwal (Coastal Pacific Aviation)

2008 (August 19–23, in Moncton, New Brunswick)

  • Winner: Sandeep Nagpal* (Brampton Flight College)
  • Runner-up: Trevor LeMarquand* (Moncton Flight College)

2007 (August 22–25, in Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Winner: Andrew Midcalf (Brampton Flight College)
  • Runner-up: Andrew Kent (Edmonton Flying Club)

2006 (August 23–26, in Victoria, British Columbia)

  • Winner: Francis Yannuzzi (Brampton Flight College)
  • Runner-up: Etienne White (Victoria Flying Club)

2005 (August 24–27, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Yorgo Roumanis (Victoria Flight Club)
  • Runner-up: Matthew MacKinnon (Moncton Flight College)

2004 (August 18–21, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

  • Winner: Blake Drader (Coastal Pacific Aviation, Abbotsford)
  • Runner-up: Alexander Wood (Seneca College, Toronto)

2003 (August 20–23, in Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Winner: Andrew McKechnie (Seneca College, Toronto)
  • Runner-up: Jean-Francois Brunet (Montreal, Quebec)

2002 (August 21–24, in Thunder Bay, Ontario)

  • Winner: Landon Sexsmith (Confederation College)
  • Runner-up: Andrew McKechnie (Seneca College, Toronto)

2001 (August 22–25, in Edmonton, Alberta)

  • Winner: Sancho McCann (Flying Colors Pilot Training, Winnipeg)
  • Runner-up: Jean-Philippe Bussieres (Greenwood, Nova Scotia)

2000 (August 24–26, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Logan Peloso (Seneca College, Toronto)
  • Runner-up: Christopher Brunner* (Montair Aviation, Delta, B.C.)

1999 (August 25–28, in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Winner: William Vanderburgh (Seneca College, Toronto)
  • Runner-up: Yannick Charland (Confederation College)

1998 (August 26–29, in St. Hubert, Quebec)

  • Winner: Andreas Schulz* (Coastal Pacific, Abbotsford)
  • Runner-up: Philippe Isabel (Aerotaxi, St. Hubert, P.Q.)

1997 (September 13–14, in Regina, Saskatchewan)

  • Winner: Bryan Scott* (Career Academn, Halifax)
  • Runner-up: Colin Graham (Westair Aviation)

1996 (September 12–14, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Melanie Rader (London Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Bart Postma (Confederation College)

1995 (September 11–13, in Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Winner: Shelley Breedon (Barrie Flight Centre)
  • Runner-up: Graham Palmer (Victoria Flying Club)

1994 (September 12–14, in Victoria, B.C.)

  • Winner: Joel Dopp (Skywatch – Waterloo)
  • Runner-up: Gillian Watt* (Toronto Airways)

1993 (September 9–11, in Halifax, N.S.)

  • Winner: Tracy Biddle* (Victoria flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Heather Burkholder* (Waterloo-Wellington Flying Club)

1992 (September 14–17, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Glennis Walsh* (Sault College)
  • Runner-up: Luc Martineau* (Dynamair Aviation, P.Q.)

1991 (September 13–17, in Calgary, Alberta)

  • Winner: Mark Webster (Winnipeg Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Amy O’Riley* (Coastal Pacific – Abbotsford)

1990 (September 11–13, in St. Hubert, P.Q.)

  • Winner: Rick Bouwman (Pitt Meadows)
  • Runner-up: Alan Daniel* (Kingston/Brampton Flying Clubs)

1989 (September 21–23, in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Winner: Sherri Kantymir (Thunder Bay)
  • Runner-up: Dominic Barnes* (St. Hubert, P.Q.)

1988 (September 15–17, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Colin Finlay* (Skycraft Air Transport)
  • Runner-up: Arnim Vogel (Kingston Flying Club)

1987 (September 17–19, in Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Winner: Michael Deacon (Moncton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Greg Trigonakis (Air Tuteurs Ltee)

1986 (September 10–13, in Edmonton, Alberta)

  • Winner: Alex Robertson* (Selair Pilots)
  • Runner-up: Paul Salanki (St. Catherines F.C.)

1985 (September 13–15, in St. Hubert, Quebec)

  • Winner: Mark Jobling* (Brampton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Mary Cameron (Greenwood Flying Club)

1984 (September 12–15, in Waterloo, Ontario)

  • Winner: Stephen Bowyer (Brampton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Bruce Klassen* (Windsor Flying Club)

1983 (September 15–17, in Calgary, Alberta)

  • Winner: Wm. R. Sipes (Waterloo-Wellington F.C.)
  • Runner-up: Fred Atkin (Winnipeg Flying Club)

1982 (September 16–18, in Moncton, New Brunswick)

  • Winner: Brian Shury* (Regina Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Kevin Watchorn* (Calgary Flying Club)

1981 (September 25–26, in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Winner: Lucas Dmysh (Brampton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Michael Biehl* (Moncton Flying Club)

1980 (September 25–27, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Dennis Guay* (Edmonton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Trevor Griffith (Winnipeg Flying Club)

1954 (July 29–30, in British Columbia)

  • Winner: Robert P. Purves (Winnipeg Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: R. Douglas Nassey (Aero Club of B.C.)

1953 (September 25, in Quebec, P.Q.)

  • Winner: E. Glen McLarty* (Central Airways, Toronto)
  • Runner-up: William A. Young (Kingston Flying Club)

1952 (August 28, in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Winner: H.T.A. “Happy” Wells* (Aero Club of B.C.)
  • Runner-up: Charles F. Vaughn (St. Catherines Flying Club)

1951 (September 6–7, in Kingston, Ontario)

  • Winner: Donald G. Fisher* (Kingston Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Norman A. Vose (Aero Club of B.C.)

1950 (September 1–2, in British Columbia)

  • Winner: Edwin O. Mona (Aero Club of B.C.)
  • Runner-up: Donald G. Fisher* (Kingston Flying Club)

1949 (September 9–10, in Windsor, Ontario)

  • Winner: Donald Jacques (Aero Club of B.C.)
  • Runner-up: David Francis (Brandon Flying Club)

1948 (September 3–4, in Calgary, Alberta)

  • Winner: John H. Blackburn (Edmonton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Lawrence Sargant (Ontario County F.C.)

1947 (September 5–6, in Ontario County F.C.)

  • Winner: Chas. Wm. Wilson (Aero Club of B.C.)
  • Runner-up: Moretta F. Beall (Ottawa Flying Club)

1939 (September 16, in Toronto, Ontario)

  • Winner: Rene Simard (Montreal, P.Q.)
  • Runner-up: Frank Vines (London Flying Club)

1938 (September 16, in Toronto, Ontario)

  • Winner: Gordon R. McGregor* (Kingston Flying Club)

1937 (September 10–12, in Hamilton, Ontario)

  • Winner: B.J. Bourchier

1936 (August 22–23, in Kingston, Ontario)

  • Winner: Gordon R. McGregor* (Kingston Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: C.E. Lloyd (Toronto, Ontario)

1935 (August 17, in Montreal, P.Q.)

  • Winner: Gordon R. McGregor* (Kingston Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Roy H. Foss (Montreal, P.Q.)

1934 (September 8–9, in Toronto, Ontario)

  • Winner: Edward C. Cox (Montreal, P.Q.)
  • Runner-up: George Lothian* (Vancouver, B.C.)

1933 (October 21–22, in Hamilton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Edward C. Cox (Montreal, P.Q.)
  • Runner-up: James Neeve (Toronto Flying Club)

1932 (September 17–19, in Hamilton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Edward C. Cox (Montreal, P.Q.)
  • Runner-up: Daphne Paterson (Saint John, N.B.)